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Memories are important 


I have been helping others tell their stories for over 29 years with Creative Memories products. I believe photos still bring JOY and people are worth REMEMBERING! I offer products, events and personal service to help people to bless the lives of those they love through photos and stories.


Under new ownership, the new CM is proud to offer the best of both worlds: authentic Creative Memories® scrapbooking products as well as an innovative new sales opportunity for Advisors. Combining a unique blend of ecommerce and social selling, it welcomes everyone who would like to earn while they share the mission and products they love, without minimums or restrictions.


Whether you’d like to join me as an Advisor or as a customer, I look forward to helping you make the most of your beautiful life!



Click here to browse the Creative Memories product line.

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CM Advisors are remarkable people who serve others by helping them enjoy and connect through their photos.


If you like the idea of having a little (or a lot) of extra money in the budget each month just by sharing CM's mission and authentic, world-class products, picture yourself as a CM Advisor.

It couldn't be simpler.

Signing up is as easy as ordering a product, and because the business is a hybrid that blends ecommerce and social selling, it offers the ultimate in flexibility and earning potential.


To join, click on the link to the right and be sure that the site states that Beth Swankler

is your Advisor.




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the latest edition of our catalog.

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